by Hot Import Nights


Celebrating the arrival of the HIN Digital Universe in anticipation of the HINCity Comic Book release & HIN Video Game launch later this year, Hot Import Nights is dropping a Limited Collection of 111 HINCITY StarCars where holders will have special access to the HIN Universe and Beyond!

111 unique NFTs with 1 Mythic NFT. Will the RNG Gods play in your favor... which one will you get?

  • Common - 48% (Black 34R) Qty 53
  • Rare - 31% (Blue 34R) Qty 35
  • Legendary - 20% (Purple 34R) Qty 22
  • Mythic - <1% (Silver 34R) Qty 1
  • One (1) lucky winner will get a trip to HIN Honolulu in December and hang out with the HIN squad in paradise OR a trip to Las Vegas for HINCity in SinCity.
  • Five (5) lucky winners will get the exclusive HIN DiamondCard made of carbon fiber that grants unlimited access to HIN Events for life! (Or as long as you hold onto the special wallet sized physical card)
  • ALL HOLDERS will receive Collectable Merchandise (1 of 3) Limited Edition HIN Long Beach T-Shirts based on the 34RNFT you receive.
  • Select Holders have a chance at a sneak peak of the HINVideo Game and possibly have their vehicle likeness in a future game update. Video game will be released on Xbox, PlayStation, & PC this coming November.
  • Select Holders have a chance to be written into the HINCity comic book, join the writers room, or get a special collectors edition HINCity Comic Book variant cover.
  • Holders to receive future NFT Airdrops which include limited edition digital collectible show clips, pre-sale to additional HIN StarCar drops, & access to Miss HINNFTs.

Introducing the Limited Edition Hot Import Nights NFT Collection: "Ignition 111"

🚗🔥 Ignite your passion for automotive culture with Ignition 111, a unique NFT collection brought to you by Hot Import Nights. Limited to just 111 editions in each HINCity, starting with Long Beach as the birthplace of Hot Import Nights, each NFT in this exclusive series is a digital masterpiece that captures the essence of custom car culture and the electric atmosphere of Hot Import Nights events.

🏁 Each NFT is a meticulously crafted digital canvas, featuring a stunning 3D-rendered representation of an iconic import car that has graced the Hot Import Nights stage. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of each vehicle's customized design, from sleek body kits and vibrant paint jobs to eye-catching decals and cutting-edge modifications straight out of the comic book & video game.

🔒 Your ownership of a "Ignition 111" NFT is securely recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that you hold a genuine piece of automotive history. With only 111 editions available in select HINCity locations, this collection is a testament to your dedication to the import car scene and your appreciation for the fusion of technology, art, and automotive innovation.

💎 Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exclusive NFT collection. Ignite your collection with "Ignition 111" and own a piece of Hot Import Nights history like never before. Get ready to rev up your digital garage and showcase your passion for customized cars, all in the form of a limited edition NFT masterpiece.


Drop Date: August 12, 2023

Total Supply: 111

Price99 USD
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